About Me


My name is Isabella Calderon, Registered Holistic Nutritionist™

I am a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and feel honoured to have the chance to pursue my passion of helping others transform their health for the better!


My journey to thriving health began in my teenage years. As I struggled to conform to society’s standards of beauty I began to develop a low self-esteem and unhealthy eating habits (ie. fad dieting, calorie restriction, and sugar dependency). These habits had left me feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and emotionally unstable.


Desperate for change, I began researching how some of the healthiest societies around the world use nutrition as a means of disease prevention and overall wellbeing. This is how I came across the plant-based diet and decided to adopt it into my own life.


My intentions behind that decision were in support of animal welfare, to reduce my carbon footprint on the environment, and to reap the many health benefits of nutrient-dense plant foods.


This lifestyle has allowed me to regain abundant energy, a positive body image, compassion towards all forms of life, and a passion for vibrant, healthful living! Not only must we show ourselves  patience but also unconditional love because every health journey is unique and serves an important role in leading us to prosper.


I believe that the holistic awakening of our true potential is achieved through nurturing of the body, mind, and spirit.


 As we aspire to become the best version of ourselves, I invite you to join me on this journey of health and fitness!