5 Reasons to Ditch Dairy Now!

Not your mother?… Not your milk!

We are the only species that continues to drink milk years after weaning. The only difference is we are choosing a different mother as our source of milk.A cow’s milk is designed by nature to nourish a baby calf in its early stages of life. It is a cocktail of hormones which allows the calf to gain hundreds of pounds in a short amount of time.

It truly is the perfect drink, if you’re a baby cow! But since we are human, our nutritional needs are different than that of a cow’s.

Luckily, nature already provides all of our nutritional needs through plants, so let’s give the cows a break!

If you’ve ever tried going off dairy for a bit you know how tricky it is at first because the cravings can intensify. This is because dairy has addictive properties.

When we digest casein (milk protein) it turns into casomorphins in the gut. Casomorphins have an opioid effect which satisfies our pleasure senses very similarly to drugs.

Many people even experience withdrawal symptoms when they first come off dairy. Some of these symptoms include cravings, irritability, and increased appetite. The GOOD news is the benefits of ditching dairy greatly outweigh the struggle of quitting.

After just 2 weeks of ditching dairy here are some of the amazing changes you will see: weight loss, clearer skin, more energy, better digestion, less congested, less snoring, better sleep, elevated mood, better concentration, and less inflammation in joints.

The last time I consumed dairy was in 2013. After cutting out dairy for just 10 days I saw such a huge improvement in the quality of my skin that I was motivated to ditch dairy for good!

My breakouts and blemishes had disappeared and my respiratory tract felts a hundred times clearer. I felt like I could sniff out a smell from a hundred yards away! My senses felt renewed, and definitely MUCH LESS congested. Why did it take me so long to try the dairy-free life?! -was all I was wondering.


So here they are, 5 reasons to ditch dairy NOW!


1. It is pro-inflammatory

This means that consumption of dairy products triggers an inflammatory response in your body due to its arachadonic acid content. It is best to avoid dairy products if you already have chronic inflammation in your body- arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, allergies, autoimmune diseases, etc. Inflammation can also manifest as foggy thinking, poor concentration, constant aches and pain.

2. May cause skin breakouts

Besides my personal skin transformation story, I have also heard from many others about how greatly their skin cleared since ditching dairy. Bovine growth hormone in milk can be a huge trigger for skin breakouts, from a small pimple to cystic acne in some people. But these skin breakouts are not just limited to the face. Many times it also affects the upper back, shoulders, arms, and neck. If you are already suffering from acne, psoriasis, eczema, or even frequent pimples I would recommend you lay off the dairy for a few days and see if it makes a difference for your skin!

3.  It is a common allergen

It is no surprise that dairy is a common allergen, in fact, most people don’t realize how sensitive they are to dairy until they come off it for some time! Dairy can have an inflammatory response in the gut lining and therefore contribute to ‘leaky gut’ syndrome. When a leaky gut forms, toxins and larger protein molecules can seep into the blood stream and reek havoc on the immune system. The result is an overactive immune system and annoying allergy symptoms (runny nose, congestion, etc.).

4. It is poorly digested

More than half of the population is to some degree lactose intolerant. Many people lack the enzyme lactase which is necessary for dairy digestion. This is because as we age and wean off milk, our bodies produce less lactase than a new born or young child. Signs of poor dairy digestion includes constipation or diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas, and stomach cramps.

5. It is highly acidic

The body’s natural pH balance is slightly alkaline. In order to maintain an alkaline state in which your health will thrive, it is important to chose alkaline foods, such as plant-based whole foods. Unfortunately dairy is acidifying to the body. The body strives to maintain an alkaline environment and so when there is acidity present it needs to be buffered. Calcium is most commonly used as a buffer. As a result, calcium stores from the bones and teeth are leached in order to re-alkalinize the body. Although dairy is a source of calcium, it is acidic enough to cause your bones and teeth to be depleted of their calcium reserve. This makes dairy a poor choice when choosing sources of calcium. Instead, green leafy vegetable are a better choice because they are alkalinizing to the body and thus no calcium is lost.


I challenge you to experience the wonderful benefits of a dairy-free diet! Can you try ditching dairy for 1 week? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? You will be amazed at the changes you see!